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Halloween Book Sculpture

This looks like a lot of work!

Halloween Book Sculpture by Malena Valcarcel

Halloween Art - Book Sculpture - Altered Book - Book Art

Halloween Art - Book Sculpture - Altered Book - Book Art1

Miniature Book Earrings

Miniature Book Earrings by AmbJewelry

Miniature Book Earrings - Aqua and Ochre Old World Design - Great Gift for Teachers, Librarians, Book Clubs and Authors

Miniature Book Earrings - Black and Cream Damask Pattern - Great Gift for Teachers, Librarians, Book Clubs and Authors

Miniature Book Earrings - Vintage Magenta Floral Design - Great Gift for Teachers, Librarians, Authors, Book Clubs and More

Miniature Book Earrings - Old World Ochre and Green Floral Pattern - Great Gift for Teachers, Librarians, Book Clubs and Authors

Origami Book Jewellery

Origami Book Jewellery by STCHandmade

Literary Origami Rose Flower Post Earrings

Literary Origami Stars Bracelet

Bronze Headed Literary Origami Bird Post Earrings

Sweetheart Origami Paper Heart Necklace

Vintage book page Christmas trees

Vintage book page Christmas trees, using Soviet books in Estonia (the best thing to do with Soviet books is turn them into Christian decorations!). By Butterflea Market.

Vintage Book page Christmas tree set, 3 pieces of Christmas trees, made from recycled book pages and reclaimed wood.

Christmas tree book sculpture

A Christmas tree for a book-lover! Made and sold by The Gift Library.

 Book art, Sculpture, Christmas, Christmas book art, Gift, Present, Art, Book fold. Christmas tree.

Book art, Sculpture, Christmas, Christmas book art, Gift, Present, Art, Book fold. Christmas tree. 2


The Week: 17th – 23rd November

It’s SO HOT in Canberra.

Maidan 21st November 2014 One Year Since

This week marked a year since the beginning of the revolution in Ukraine. Thirteen Ukrainians a day are still being killed by Russians, despite there supposedly being a ceasefire.

This week the Russian government also announced they’re worried Ukraine is going to “invade” eastern Ukraine. The fact that Ukraine is Ukraine – not Russia – seems to be beyond comprehension for their small, stupid minds.

 Socks Kitten Queanbeyan Australia 22nd November 2014 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney

On Saturday we said goodbye to the first of our kittens, Socks. I didn’t want to see him go. That came after a pretty crazy trip to the vet with three kittens. That was an interesting experience!

My review of Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye

Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye

My review of Hunted by Kaylea Cross

Hunted (Hostage Rescue Team) by Kaylea Cross

My review of Ruining Mr. Perfect by Marie Harte

Ruining Mr. Perfect (The McCauley Brothers #3) by Marie Harte

My review of The Laird by Grace Burrowes

The Laird by Grace Burrowes

The Week: 10th – 16th November

 The Australian Ballet performs La Bayadère Kingdom of the Shades

What a waste of a week! The heat probably didn’t help with my lack of motivation! This weekend is all about our trip to Sydney to see The Australian Ballet perform La Bayadère.

Stop Russia Stop Vladimir Putin G20 Brisbane 2014

There was a big anti-Putin protest in Brisbane, but unfortunately it’s a protest I had to miss.

A discussion on the Word Wenches blog this week, about places people want to set more romances, constantly turned up one place: Russia. I do find it really upsetting that no matter what Russia does to its neighbouring countries, and no matter how many thousands (millions!) of their neighbours they slaughter, they always seem to get a free pass because they’re “exotic”. Nobody affords that same kind of love to – say – Nazi Germany. I bet authors in 1939 weren’t rushing to write more romances set in Germany! It makes me sick how little people care about Eastern Europeans.

 Sunset Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 13th November 2014 Sonya Heaney

Another week of pretty Canberra skies.

A stupid court summons (don’t worry, I’m not a murderer!) came in the mail, so there goes my Christmas season and my family trip to the Gold Coast. Sooooo annoyed about that! I can’t even begin to explain how mad I am… This is more than likely the last chance I have to travel with my grandmother (who is in her nineties and struggling both with mobility issues and dementia) and because of the stupid court, it isn’t going to happen.

Kittens Queanbeyan Australia 12th November 2014 Sonya Heaney

Something that did occupy quite a bit of my time this week was our shed full of stray cats! Gradually things are being sorted out with them. The kittens are learning to eat (notice the one hiding in the back corner!), and have started venturing out. There’re privately-run charities that are willing to help with everything from vet’s fees to placement for them when they’re old enough to be on their own.

I’ve not had that much to do with pets for years and years, so it’s been nice to learn so much and come across such helpful people in the region.

Misogyny in book reviews.

Outlander 1x06 The Garrison Commander Claire Ending Sonya Heaney Sceenshot

My review of Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian

Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian

My review of Dove by Juliette Miller

Dove by Juliette Miller

The Week: 3rd – 9th November

 Spring Sunset Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 24th October 2014 Sonya Heaney 1

Canberra sunsets in spring = fantastic!

It has been a lesson in the unexpected this week.

A family lunch turned into the discovery of these gorgeous little babies in the shed:

 Kittens Qeanbeyan Australia 2nd November 2014

We have a home for the one at the back definitely, the one on the left probably, but the little one at the front on the right is still on the lookout for someone! If you’re in Queanbeyan or Canberra and want a sweet little cat… They’re about six weeks old, so it will be a few more weeks before they can go.

A lunch date during the week was cancelled because two people were sick.

And then my aunt was at work, had a fall, and needed surgery.

Stalinist parades in Moscow 7th November 2014

Meanwhile, in Moscow this week

 Russian Putin Propaganda in Eastern Ukraine November 2014

Ridiculous Russian propaganda is appearing in invaded parts of Ukraine.

Don’ even get me started on Australian politicians and their wilful ignorance! *cough*Tony Abbott*cough*…

As for books? I accidentally scheduled only historical romance reviews this week! It was a big release week for books in that genre.

My review of To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood

To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood

My review of A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

My review of Lady Elinor’s Wicked Adventures by Lillian Marek

Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures by Lillian Marek

My review of The Traitor by Grace Burrowes

The Traitor by Grace Burrowes

My review of Madeleine’s Christmas Wish by Ella Quinn

Madeleine's Christmas Wish (The Marriage Game #5.5) by Ella Quinn

Horse and Carriage Bookends

Horse and Carriage Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts

Horse and Carriage Metal Art Bookends

Diamond Diva Bookmarks

Bookmarks by Too Cute For Books

Diamond Diva High Life - Unique Bookmark

Diamond Diva High Life - Unique Bookmark 2


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