Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks

So, Maya Banks did the right thing by me. I wanted this to be my favourite book of the series – as it features my favourite character of the series (that would be Rio) – and it is. In all its lovey-dovey, seriously dramatic glory, it is. While I prefer straight suspense to paranormal suspense, if you like Christine Feehan’s very popular GhostWalkers series, then this is in a similar style.

I really think you should read the book before this one first. I couldn’t tell you if Echoes at Dawn would hold up on its own, as I’m too familiar with past storylines to determine that.

In this one, Rio – a mercenary of sorts – and his team have been sent to rescue Grace Peterson (of the supernatural powers), who is on the run from bad guys trying to imprison her and use her for experiments. They catch up with her just as she’s about to fall to her death in Colorado.

From there we have some chapters where Rio and Grace get to know each other. Grace’s magical powers mean her injuries heal nice and fast, clearing her schedule for a few chapters of sex. Lotsa, lotsa, lotsa sex. There’s a whole chapter just for Grace to experience Blow Job 101.

Then everyone becomes cosy and declares their love and respect – and some more love – for each other.

Then the action picks up again and they go off to shoot some more people. Something bad happens to someone we’ve known from the beginning of the series, and that was really awful to read. He’s supposed to not be the greatest guy, but I have a real soft spot for him!

I’m not sure if Banks knows this, but (in my opinion at least) she writes suspense better than anything else. Her suspense chapters get to me more than the romantic chapters do. That first third of the book that took place in the forest was amazing. I was happy to have less of the Kelly family in this one, because they’ve taken away from the exciting parts in other books (yes, I know, the series is called KGI – the “K” standing for “Kelly”!). I really liked the focus on Rio and Grace, without having to be interrupted by fussy, interfering Marlene Kelly every second chapter.

But then, I just really like Rio all around. I like his long hair. One of my favourite things about him is that he doesn’t baby Grace the way some of the other characters would have. I was really worried his real name – finally revealed in this book – would turn out to be something super-dorky, but it wasn’t.

On a completely random note, these books use the term what all she’s endured a lot. It’s not an expression I have ever heard before, but all of the characters (even Brazilian hero Rio) use it. Maybe it’s one of those Americanisms that has slipped past my notice until now??

I remember many readers being worried in the GhostWalkers series when books #4 and #5 switched focus to a different team of different men – much like what happens with this book in the KGI series. As with the GhostWalkers though, the switch of focus actually made for a stronger book. It was something of a clean slate; we didn’t have to spend half the book catching up with everybody from past books, which gave us more time for the main story.

Echoes at Dawn is one of those guilty pleasure reads. You go in with certain expectations because of the genre, and it delivers on all of them. I still prefer my romantic suspense without magic in it, but this is definitely my series favourite.

3 thoughts on “Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks

    1. I managed to collect so many excerpts (from Maya Banks’ Facebook page, and from the backs of her other books), that I’d already pieced together the first part of the book!
      So there weren’t a lot of surprises there for me, but I loved actually being able to read beyond the chapters that had already been put out there!

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