Olympic gymnastics so far

Phew, what craziness the Men’s Gymnastics was. Japan’s Kōhei Uchimura – considered to be the greatest gymnast in history – fell, hopped and made uncharacteristic mistake after uncharacteristic mistake. The entire Chinese team – performing in the qualifying session before Japan – counted mistake after mistake.

The British men were so amazingly excellent nobody knew what to say! The US men came out in the lead, both as a team, and with the top and fourth-ranked All Around gymnasts.

And – yay! – Australia’s Joshua Jefferis is through to the All Around final. I’m so happy for him!

Joshua Jefferis

Now for the women…

Turns out World Champion McKayla Maroney of the USA has a broken toe, which would be why she skipped two training sessions over the last few days! She’ll only do Vault tonight.

McKayla Maroney

It now appears that injured Women’s All Around favourite Larisa Iordache of Romania will be competing tonight. Phew!

I have two things I desperately want from the women tonight, but I bet I jinx them.

Firstly, I want Lauren Mitchell to qualify for at least on apparatus final. She has one gold and two silver World Championship medals, and is Australia’s first real Olympic medal possibility. But she is nursing some injuries too.

Oksana Chusovitina

Secondly, I want Oksana Chusovitina to qualify for the Vault final. Chusovitina now competes for Germany, but she won her first World title for the Soviet Union, and her first Olympic title for the CIS. That she is still competing decades later – in a sport that’s traditionally for little girls – is truly incredible. But Vault is an unforgiving event.

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