Woman in Ireland dies after being denied life-saving abortion

Last month, a woman was admitted to a hospital in Galway, Ireland. She was 17 weeks pregnant with a wanted child. She was experiencing severe back pain. She was found to be miscarrying the pregnancy.

A week later, she was dead.

Why? Because she ended up in a Catholic hospital, governed by an ethic that even a non-viable fetus doomed to die is more important than a living, breathing 31-year-old woman.

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And HERE. I cannot believe in this one the newspaper felt the need to stress she was married. What the holy hell is going on that a woman’s marital status is considered relevant in such a situation?

There is no denying that a lot of people in this world suck. None more so than those who use their religion to control and do horrible things to women.

This is one of the worst instances of this I have come across in a while. And, no, it’s not in some Third World country; it’s in the Republic of Ireland. How can politicians in America, in Australia, be so happy to demand things like this continue happening? How can women vote for this?!

You know what? I’m Christian – Catholic, to be precise. I can also see that a lot of things done in the name of Christianity are evil and wrong. I wish more Christians could think with their minds, not the science-free scaremongering they’re fed through church.

4 thoughts on “Woman in Ireland dies after being denied life-saving abortion

  1. I was going to ask why not go to a different hospital but before that I read the news articles that you have linked. I did not know that there was a legal issue linked with it and the there is a law linked to the issue. If there is a law linked to it what is the stance on contraception and birth control pills?

    1. It surprised me, because I hadn’t realised Ireland still hadn’t legalised abortion for *any* situation. How they can claim to care about people, yet deliberately let them die… it’s beyond me.
      Contraception in Ireland was completely illegal until 1980 – which is shocking!
      I think now it’s widely available, though I found some groups who are still opposing the sale of it.

      1. Makes one wonder what kind of a intolerant world are we living in. I live in India and I dread the day when stuck up fanatics will control politics, policy and law. We have had some really stupid comments from some politicians in India about rape and some just as crazy from politicians in USA. It seems to me that most places politicians want to get into the bedrooms of common citizens and control sexual behaviour. I wonder the reasons for the same but the 2 biggest reasons are quite crass to be put in words, hence will hold my silence :).

      2. My parents lived in India for years, so I’m fairly familiar with politics over there.
        The more progressive countries seem to be going backwards at the moment. The recent US elections were terrifying, and here in Australia we have a few crazy politicians of our own.
        Crass words don’t offend me. 😉

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