The Genocide Nobody Knows About

The Western world is largely ignorant about pretty much everything to do with the countries of the former Soviet Union.

This year it is eighty years since Stalin began one of the deadliest genocides in history: the Holodomor. Forcing a famine on the Ukrainian people, conservative estimates of fatalities hover around 10 million, running from 1932 – 1933.

The Western world largely chose to ignore the Holodomor for their own political interests, and then after World War Two, everyone was so horrified by Hitler’s activities, Soviet atrocities were all but forgotten.

Tonight at 7:30 people around the world are lighting candles in their windows to honour the millions of Ukrainians killed in this genocide. The – quite frankly, puny and pathetic – genocide memorial in Kyiv will be the centre of commemorations.

I visited the site last year, and will again next year. It stands in front of the rebuilt St. Michael’s Monastery, one of many structures destroyed by the Soviets. Rebuilt, it is a truly spectacular sight.

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