Formula One in Melbourne

Melbourne F1 2013 Sonya Heaney

We’re back in clean, sunny Canberra after a freezing and wet (they had to cancel qualifying, it rained so much!) but great Formula One race in Melbourne. Good thing we fork out extra hundreds of dollars for premium seats that have a roof over them!

 Formula One Melbourne 2013 Alonso Kimi Sonya Heaney

I could have done without Vettel on the podium (hate his petulance and arrogance), and also without Sutil back driving (after being convicted of grievous bodily harm, for Heaven’s sake!), but other than that, I was very happy with the results. Two of my favourites going one-two!

 Safety Car Melbourne Sonya Heaney 2013

We stayed in the same place as last year, in a top floor apartment overlooking the National Theatre. It’s within walking distance of shabby St Kilda Beach and – most importantly – the track.

 St Kilda March 2013 Sonya Heaney

Sonya Heaney St Kilda March 2013

From our apartment (in a few seconds of sun in the morning!).

Two of my favourite ballet dancers – Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev – were dancing in Melbourne over the weekend. I’m so mad I found out too late to get tickets!

 Sonya Heaney Formula One Melbourne 2013

I have two things to request of Melbourne before next year (well, apart from NO RAIN next time!). Firstly, please, please, please change your smoking laws. It’s hard to appreciate the city’s famed cafes when you’re dying in a cloud of second-hand smoke! Secondly, the newspapers are so disheartening. So right-wing and sexist. Why do misogynistic bigots like Andrew Bolt even exist? Stop printing that kind of misinformation and hate. Please.

If you do, I promise I won’t even complain if you rain on me in 2014!

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