The Perfect Stranger by Anne Gracie

The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters #3) by Anne Gracie

They vow to love, honour, cherish…

With her signature spirit, Faith Merridew has left everything she’s ever known for the man she thought was the love of her life. Instead he leaves her name—and dreams—in the dust. That is, until she crosses paths with Nicholas Blacklock, a Waterloo veteran, who offers to save her reputation with a marriage of convenience.

…And then get to know one another.

A hardened soldier, Nick hides a deadly secret—and tries to keep Faith at arm’s length. But even though Nick can command legions of men with a word, his orders go sweetly ignored by his convenient bride. And as they come to know one another more deeply, she brings out in him things he thought dead: gentleness, laughter…and love.

The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters #3) by Anne Gracie

I have been really enjoying the Merridew Sisters series, and this, the third book, takes things in a different direction.

In the previous book we watched as Hope Merridew – vivacious, beautiful and very popular – found her happy ever after. In this book Hope’s identical twin, Faith finds hers, but it’s a struggle to get there.

As Faith is known as the quiet, sensible one, it is quite a surprise that the book finds her alone and on the run both from a failed elopement and potential rapists in France. She is rescued by an English soldier, Nicholas Blacklock, who insists on marrying her to save her reputation.

The entire story unfolds on the move along the French coastline, a complete contrast to the British Regency ballrooms of the first two books. The Perfect Stranger also takes on a much more serious tone than the often laugh-out-loud hilarity of the first two.

Towards the end of this story everything takes on a bit of a paranormal tone, which is another change for the series.

There is one more book in the series: for the youngest sister, Grace, and it’s another one I really enjoyed.

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