Rumors by Louise Allen

Rumors by Louise Allen

What does it matter if society spurns me?
Following a disastrous incident at a house party, Lady Isobel Jervis is exiled to the country to avoid further scandal. At the imposing Wimpole Hall, she meets architect Giles Harker. He is as eye-catching as the elegant house, but shockingly arrogant and infuriatingly dismissive.
Despite himself, Giles is strangely drawn to the haughty Isobel, and stuns her with a secret kiss in the gardens. As the illegitimate son of an infamous scarlet woman, he knows love can be dangerous. Their growing attraction could come at the cost of both their reputations.

Rumors by Louise Allen

There’s something really grating about a book written by a Brit, in British English, set in Britain, with blatant American spelling in the title!

I enjoyed this book. I was in the mood for something historical, and when the heroine overheard the hero making nasty comments about her in the first few pages, I was all for this story. I love some angst!

There’re secrets upon secrets in this book, and the relationship between the two lead characters seems impossible, considering the difference in their social status. There were many things to like about a heroine who knew all about disappointment and loss, and who had experienced enough in life already to know she had to go after what she wanted.

I like reading Regency books written by British authors, as I don’t spend the entire time grumbling about and being pulled out of the story by incorrect language and culture at every turn. Louise Allen is a new-to-me author, and I was pleasantly surprised by her writing style and interesting plotting.

Mills and Boon-Harlequin books run the gamut of brilliant to questionable, and until recently I hadn’t read many books in their historical line. What I’ve been surprised to find is that they seem to be better overall than a lot of the “wallpaper historical” titles published by others.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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