This Week and Last Week

Pauline Heaney 1944

I didn’t do a weekly summary last weekend because my grandmother died on Sunday evening, with eight of us there with her at the time. I can honestly say the past week has been the worst in my life, beginning with her death, followed by the most awful, horrific encounter with a corrupt police officer on Wednesday afternoon and finishing with the most misogynistic, racist bigot winning the Australian election on Saturday.

I said to myself on Friday night, ‘Bad things come in threes. Things have to get better after this.’

So they’d better!

I don’t know what has happened to this country, but I am well and truly ashamed to be Australian at the moment. I know of so, so many idiots who were voting for parties like “The Sex Party” because they thought it was funny and they don’t care about politics. The fact their vote counts as much as mine (or more, as I live in an overpopulated electorate) makes me sick – voting is compulsory here.

The blog posts that have been appearing on Sonya’s Stuff were scheduled posts; I haven’t been around since the end of last week. I also haven’t finished any books in more than a week, and am well and truly behind on my reviews.

I just haven’t had the heart to do much in the past few days. Additionally, between organising a funeral and attending a viewing, a funeral, various family things, spending hours going through and documenting my grandmother’s belongings… And the time spent filing formal complaints against a member of the Australian Federal Police… There hasn’t been time for anything much. (I think any review books involving policeman heroes are going to be put aside for a long, long while!)

What a week. 😦 😦

Canberra Blossoms 26th August 2013 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney

On the other hand, it has been a gorgeous start to spring, with high temperatures, bright blue skies and blossoms everywhere.

So, anyway… I’ll try for a summary of the past fortnight, rather than just the week.

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The Hero by Robyn Carr

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Keep Calm and Carry On Dating by Jane Austin

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Six Days in Leningrad by Paullina Simons

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The Wife He Never Forgot by Anne Fraser

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