Fatal Strike by Shannon McKenna

Fatal Strike by Shannon McKenna

When Lara Kirk was abducted months ago, Miles Davenport vowed he’d bring her home. But the mission failed. Miles has become totally obsessed; he can practically hear Lara pleading for him to save her. Finding her after all this time will be next to impossible…

Lara Kirk lives in a shadowy world where reality and fantasy are one. Her captors have poisoned her body with concoctions that enhance psychic abilities–and they seem to be working. To escape, Lara has formed a deep attachment with a man whose virile, sensual presence in her mind is her only comfort. She’s not even sure if he’s real–until the six-foot-five-inch powerhouse bursts in to rescue her…

Once freed, Lara has no choice but to trust Miles with her life as they run from enemies too twisted to imagine. But they’re also fighting a dangerous attraction that could kill–or save–them both. Either way, it’s going to be a hell of a ride…

Fatal Strike by Shannon McKenna

A warning: this is definitely not the place to start reading this series! Fatal Strike is book ten in a series – a little fact I was unaware of when I requested it for review – and I was more than a little confused. Nine books is a lot of time to create a huge web of characters and their children, and a whole heap of backstory, especially in a series involving paranormal elements. The expectation is that you already know what’s going on when you start on number ten.

Since Christine Feehan created the GhostWalkers series, there’ve been a number of other series in a similar vein: secretive military guys with enhanced physic and other powers, who track down women with similar abilities, teaming up to fight powerful and yet corrupt organisations who want to harvest their abilities.

As I said, until now I couldn’t have told you anything about this series, but my impression garnered from reading this book is that fans of Maya Banks’ similar series will like this one.

In fact, my reaction to this book was practically identical to Banks’ KGI books. I loved the suspense passages to bits. As with Banks’ books, I much prefer the action sequences to the bed action and lengthy love declarations, but I think I’m in the minority there… The similarities are right there to see, down to the fact the characters in both series shower three or four times a day!

I do really enjoy suspense stories, but I tend to prefer them without the paranormal element. Apart from anything else, the mental psychic conversations don’t make up for real relationship development in my eyes. So often in these stories the hero and heroine don’t meet face to face until well into the book, the first twenty-five percent of the story being them having mental text message conversations (they actually converse in mental text speak in this one). Once they team up, there’s lotsa, lotsa smexing and discussion about their feelings for each other to be had for the next two-quarters of the book, before the action picks up again at the end.

The text speak took a while to get used to, as I never ever use it myself.

4 the lv of Christ pls less noise change course 20 degrees 2 ur right and fcking HURRY – for example.

The plot points of this story make up a wildly popular template for this subgenre, and the paranormal element helps to explain the growly alpha hero and as well as the quick resolution for the happy ending. But like I said, it’s not my favourite type of story. I like my characters a little more realistic, I suppose – no powers to fix things, and a few less flattering possessive manly traits – and I’ve been reading less and less in the paranormal genre in the past year or two.

If this is your kind of thing I’d recommend checking out Christine Feehan’s Conspiracy Game and Murder Game (not the first two in the GhostWalkers series, but they can be read on their own). I think Feehan really mastered the theme.

If extreme alphas, some damsel in distress moments and psychic stuff are your kinds of things, you’ll like this one. I suspect you’ll like it even more if you’re already a fan of the series and know the backstories of the dozens of secondary characters!

Fatal Strike is set for release on the 24th of September.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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