An argument for authors doing their research…

Virgin River by Robyn Carr

I let my blog get (briefly) away from me again, because after all my family’s other recent dramas, we had another one just after 5pm on Saturday. I was sitting beside my father on the couch when he lost all the feeling in his left arm (and – because we’re all a little crazy – I thought he was joking at first). But things got worse, and it was very quickly obvious this was no joke.

After that, my mind went a little strange, and somehow Robyn Carr’s eerily similar scene in one of her Virgin River books popped into my head. While thinking, God, I hope the author did her research correctly, I did everything I remembered main character, Melinda, doing in a similar situation.

We got him to the hospital and – even though he’s still there because the incompetent nurses screwed up his tests – he is just about back to normal (as normal as he’s ever been!).

However, when things settled down a bit, the doctors wanted to know how I knew what to do.

I couldn’t really say, Uh, Virgin River taught me, could I?!

If there was ever an argument for authors doing their research, I think this is it! You might literally save someone’s life!

This follows on from my very wonderful (and soon to be reviewed) experience reading Kaylea Cross’ latest book. The level of research she does is simply staggering; I’m completely in awe of her!

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