Anything for Her by Janice Kay Johnson

Anything for Her by Janice Kay Johnson

How far will he go?

For a solitary guy, Nolan Radek is suddenly surrounded by people. First there’s his teenage foster son. Then there’s Allie Wright—a stunning woman he instantly connects with. It’s out of character and Nolan can’t explain it, but from the moment they meet, he knows she’s for him.

Then he becomes aware she’s hiding something. And the more he pushes her to tell him, the further she retreats. He values honesty above all else, so what’s he to do? The truth, when it finally comes out, is nothing he expected. Worse, it triggers a cascade of life-altering events, and Nolan stands to lose Allie. And he must decide exactly what he’ll sacrifice to be with her.

Anything for Her by Janice Kay Johnson

I found a paperback copy of this one floating around my bedroom, and figured I’d give it a go. Janice Kay Johnson is one of Harlequin’s best writers, and – this book included – I’ve never been disappointed by her work.

The heroine’s secret in this one is revealed in the ‘Author Letter’ at the front of the book, which I actually found really disappointing; I’d have liked to find it out while reading!

I always worry a little when I come across category romances where the heroine does quilting/knitting/baking etc., and especially so if it’s her livelihood, as it is in this book. While I have no issues whatsoever with those crafts (and come from a Ukrainian background, where embroidery and baking is a way of life), it’s not often much of a help in a genre where young women already tend to act like old ladies.

I was pleased, therefore, that there was much more to Allie than her quilts, just as there was much more to Nolan than stonemasonry. I also really liked Nolan’s stepson, Sean.

One aspect of the story I really, really identified with was the fact Allie had been a very promising ballet dancer and was forced to give up her career. Though I doubt the author was writing from personal experience (I could be wrong), she captured the situation so well. Some of Allie’s feelings about the direction her life took mirrored the way I felt when the same thing happened to me so closely, I was amazed by her insight.

Harlequin’s SuperRomance line is probably my favourite when it comes to category romances. There’s a hell of a lot more going on in that line than standard romance, and there’s so much variety. However, that variety means not everything is going to appeal, and yes, there’re still some authors whose work is far too old-fashioned for me. That said, Janice Kay Johnson is a good bet.

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