Bride Gone Bad by Sabine Starr

Bride Gone Bad by Sabine Starr

She’s looking for trouble—and she’s found it…


Not many people can keep a secret from Lucky Deveraux. He’s a triple threat of outlaw, treasure hunter, and Native American mystic. But something in Tempest Templeton’s beautiful, heartbroken eyes intrigues him, and he’s determined to unravel the mystery…


Tempest has to remind herself that handsome men like Lucky bring only pain. She learned that when her groom ran off before the wedding night—taking her family’s money with him. Now she’s hunting him down. But a lady alone in Indian Territory is asking for trouble, and Lucky promises he’s just the man to keep her safe and show her everything she’s been missing…

Bride Gone Bad (Gone Bad #3) by Sabine Starr.

Having recently been swamped in a sea of review books I’m struggling to keep up with, I didn’t look too closely at this one before I started reading. As a consequence I had it in my head this was some sort of sweet, possibly even Christian story set in the Wild West.

I was pretty wrong in my expectations!

This is a steamy, steamy book, and it has a big paranormal element to it, based to some degree in Native American mythology. Now I’ve gone back over the blurb, I think it’s actually pretty misleading. And yes, stick a shirt on the guy on the cover and you’d have inspirational romance packaging.

I did enjoy Bride Gone Bad. It’s on the light-hearted side of things, though I couldn’t tell you how accurate or inaccurate the historical aspects are; I don’t know much about the history of Texas! The opening scene is a little on the crazy side, but it sets things up nicely; persist with it!

I usually read historical books set in Europe, and so this was a big change for me. The attitudes, terminology and overall feel were a new experience, and I don’t really have anything in my reading history for comparison.

This is definitely a fun read, and I suspect it takes quite a lot of liberties with attitudes of decorum of the times. However the tone of the story meant that I didn’t mind.

But since when was Ludmila a German name?!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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