Protecting His Witness by Katie Reus

Protecting His Witness (Red Stone Security #7) by Katie Reus

Seven years ago she broke his heart…

Leaving Vincent was the hardest thing Jordan Alvarado ever had to do, but she had no choice. She never expected to come back, or for the smouldering attraction between them to ignite into a bonfire. But deep down, she knows he’ll never be able to understand or forgive what she did, and that being with him will only lead to heartbreak.

He’s not letting her go again…

Former SEAL Vincent Hansen never got over Jordan and the way she up and left him without a trace. When she reappears and explains what happened, he’s even more furious. He doesn’t know what he wants from her, but when she’s targeted in a series of potentially deadly attacks, he realises he’s never stopped loving her. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and convince her that she was always meant to be his.

Protecting His Witness (Red Stone Security #7) by Katie Reus

This was a quick read, with a stronger emphasis on the relationship side of the suspense (they get it on the first time they see each other on the page) than the suspense angle. Yet again, I accepted a review copy of a book that’s well into an established series (this is book #7) without realising there were lots of characters readers should already know.

That said, I had no trouble whatsoever jumping into the series here, and didn’t feel swamped in secondary characters and backstory like I often do when arriving late to the party. It is definitely a book first-time Reus readers will be able to survive!

This fairly standard romantic suspense fare, with the requisite steam included. I think I would have preferred a little more talking before the hero and heroine got down to sexy business, but I think there’s a big readership for stories of this type!

One thing about the heroine’s name. The (originally male-only) name “Jordan” has only recently – around 1980 – started being adopted by parents naming their daughters. I found it really strange that someone the age of the heroine’s mother would have had that name too… 🙂

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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