Kentucky Christmas by Sarah Title

Kentucky Christmas by Sarah Title

Welcome back to Hollow Bend, Kentucky, where love (and laughter) are just around the corner.

When Andrew Bateman  rolls into town in the midst of a snow storm, his first thought is that the place is hardly big enough for a dog crate, let alone the vet practice he’s looking for. Next thing he knows, his life is flashing in front of him—a depressingly short flash—as he skids right into the side of the local bar.

Things start looking up when the vision he wakes to is not the Angel of Death, but a doctor. Well, actually a vet. Make that a vet tech, wearing red mittens. Who invites him home, where every inch is covered in holiday sparkles, cookies to be decorated, and an odd assortment of stray dogs, cats and puppies…

There’s nothing merrier than a white Christmas in Kentucky!

Kentucky Christmas by Sarah Title

This is a very cute, very funny Christmas novella that works as a standalone but (I assume) includes a catch-up with some past characters from the author’s work.

Featuring a disastrously bad veterinary equipment salesman (he ends up fixing people’s old things instead of selling them newer rubbish) and a heroine who works in the veterinary practice, the romance essentially begins the moment the poor guy crashes into the side of the bar our heroine has just walked into.

I read this in one sitting and enjoyed it a lot. I love reading about romantic heroes who aren’t the perfect stereotype you find more often than not in the genre, and Andrew is sweet, fun and has flaws aplenty. I also love coming across characters who wear glasses.

Author Sarah Title had me smiling many times throughout this story. I like her sense of humour and I liked how she used it to create such likeable characters.

Of course, novellas mean things have to happen faster than they do in a full length novel, but I was pretty much fine with the rate at which the relationship developed.

This is a nice little read for the Christmas season.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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