A Scandalous Regency Christmas

A Scandalous Regency Christmas

Five short stories by various authors, previously only available as ebooks, collected for their Christmas theme.

A Scandalous Regency Christmas


I probably should have paid more attention to the ‘sexy’ on the cover, because these are not ‘sweet’ Regency stories!

This anthology was cobbled together with contributions from authors on both sides of the Atlantic, and not all of the offerings had the American English edited out of them – strange for a British publication!



Christine Merrill

This one I thought was going to set the tone for the rest of the book, and it started with sex in an alleyway! I have enjoyed some of Christine Merrill’s writing before, however, and I have rather a lot of faith in stories with theatrical settings, and I did enjoy it a lot. As is so often the case, I would have loved to see this one as a full-length novel. There’s more than enough material for it!



Marguerite Kaye

I really enjoyed this one. For historical romance, England is my go-to setting, and I find Scottish historicals to be more of a mixed bag. However, I was thrilled with this story, and will be tracking down more by the author. I think it helped enormously that she actually is Scottish, and the way the culture was threaded through the romance made this a special read.



Annie Burrows

This was a nice, solid read. I love some angst, the theme of lost love found again. Some of the themes in this one were a little similar to the story before (which is in no way the authors’ fault), so I think I should probably have not read them back-to-back.

The heroine spends much of this story naked!



Barbara Monajem

Another nice little story, which (with the short word count) turned steamy pretty fast. I liked the atmosphere the author created, which was helped by the fact the characters were fairly isolated from society, with a private, more intimate Christmas setting.



Linda Sky

I’m going to have to admit I’m not fond of pirate stories, not even when a favourite author like Sabrina Jeffries writes them. I think of rotting teeth and bad body odour, rather than anything sexy and romantic!

I got the feel from this story that the author captured – for those who like this type of story – the charm of old school pirate romances. If this is your kind of thing, I know you’ll enjoy this one.


4 thoughts on “A Scandalous Regency Christmas

  1. Thanks for the list. I love regency romances! Have you read THE MISCHIEF OF THE MISTLETOE, by Lauren Willig? It’s one of my favorite Christmas historical romances.

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