After the Abduction by Sabrina Jeffries

After the Abduction by Sabrina Jeffries

What Happens When A Proper Young Lady Gives In To A Reckless Love?

After two London Seasons — and a score of resoundingly dull society suitors — lovely Juliet Laverick still longs for only one man: Morgan Pryce, the dashing scoundrel who kidnapped her two years ago. But her determination to bring him to justice hasn’t waned, either — not even when the man she, mistakes for Morgan, his twin brother Sebastian, tells her some shocking news: Her mysterious paramour has disappeared.

Sebastian, Lord Templemore, dares not admit that he’s the one Juliet seeks — that it is his kiss she still yearns for.Confessing to her abduction would bring disaster and scandal upon them both. But how can he convince Juliet to forsake her pursuit of her dream lover — when all he dreams of is holding her in his arms again?

After the Abduction by Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries is a favourite author of mine, but this is my least favourite book by her so far. There were some great moments, some funny moments. I loved that not all the characters were stereotypically ‘perfect’ (the secondary couple, who starred in the first book of the series, were wonderfully flawed).

I suppose my problem is that when I read a Jeffries book, I expect well above average. I expect it to find a place on my ‘Favourites’ shelf. I expect to want to go back and reread passages as soon as I’m done, and while this was a decent historical romance, it didn’t have the same magic I demand from this author!

I was very relieved by how the ‘secret identity’ stuff worked out. The heroine came out of it looking nowhere near as stupid as it was possible for her to look. I was really pleased about that aspect.

It took me until about halfway through the book to realise what it was that was stopping me from enjoying After the Abduction as much as I wanted to: I didn’t want to read what happened after the abduction; I wanted to read about the abduction.

I know this is a book in a series, and further investigation has told me the abduction happened in an earlier book that focused on different characters, but what I would have loved was if Juliet and Sebastian’s story could have been told with flashbacks or something. I was reading half a book.

There’s also something that bothers me about historical romance in general, and it’s the stereotyping of various types of men. Almost every book like this has a blond villain, one who takes pride in his appearance, and who of course is evil because he adheres to the fashions of the time.

After the Abduction had two such men, and it tipped me over from mild frustration to all-out annoyance with the stereotyping.

Here’s a little fact about England: it isn’t populated by 6’2”, black-haired, blue-eyed, tanned, muscled gods. Not now, and certainly not in the nineteenth century. It wouldn’t have even been considered attractive in the nineteenth century! The two tallest, most attractive men I knew in the years I lived in England were blond. And that didn’t make them sexual perverts who liked frilly outfits!

There were my usual issues with some heavy-handed American English throughout, but Jeffries – being usually a favourite author – is cut a bit more slack by me than most authors are.

I can’t say you’ll dislike this book, but I would recommend that if you want to try this author, you should go for The Forbidden Lord or When the Rogue Returns first.

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