What I want out of 2014 – New Adult

Oh, boy, where to even begin? I’m still questioning why this newly-created genre even needs to exist, and I’m seeing so much misogyny at every turn. I’m seeing the future of romantic fiction, and it has slipped back into the rapey era of Fabio covers!

 Easy by Tammara Webber

If you want to write New Adult fiction, please, I beg you, read Easy first. It’s the gold standard for how the genre *should* be written.

  • I’d like to see the genre stop expanding to take over others. What I mean is that a genre that was supposed to be about university-age characters has now broadened so much it encompasses people up to their thirties! Sorry, but no. Once you’re no longer a student, you’re an adult. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, not only had I finished university, but I’d performed professionally on the stage and lived and worked on my own on three continents! At the rate the genre is broadening, about 99% of characters in regular adult romance and about 100% of historical romance characters now belong in it! No, just, no.
  • How about some characters – male and female – who don’t hate women?
  • How about female leads who can pass the Bechdel test? How about female characters who don’t call the other female characters skanks, and get into fights with them over men?
  • How about some male leads who haven’t had sex with every woman they’ve met and call the women sluts and whores?
  • How about fewer nasty stereotypes? It seems ever since Twilight, it’s compulsory for all blondes in Young Adult and New Adult books to follow every nasty, misogynistic, offensive cliché in the book.
  • How about some heroes who actually study, rather than getting top marks in every class even though they spend their whole time drunk and punching people? How about a hero who does something other than illegal fighting?
  • Basically, how about some nice characters?!

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