Lost in Austen – Episode One

In Times Gone By...

Lost in Austen

Even though I’ve known about this miniseries for ages, I haven’t watched it until now. The tipping point was when I saw some stills and the actors cast to play Darcy and Bingley just looked so… right for their roles that I thought maybe it wasn’t going to be as silly as I thought.

On the negative side, and one of the main reasons I put it off for so long was (don’t laugh) the main character’s hair! I know the point of Amanda’s look is that she doesn’t quite fit in in the early 1800s, but there’s no way she could have waltzed around looking like that in the Regency era and not raised any suspicion. Just no way.

Anyway, I got brave and put my fear of a hairstyle aside and watched.

And I enjoyed it a million times more than I thought I would.

Lost in Austen

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