Her Rancher Rescuer by Donna Alward

Her Rancher Rescuer by Donna Alward



Small-town girl, big-time crush…


Amy Wilson longs to escape the pointed barbs and knowing looks that come with having a certain reputation in a small town. A temp job with CEO Jack Shepard seems to offer a way out, if only she can stay focused on her goal.


Former world-class athlete Jack is as relationship-phobic as they come, so he’s not worried that the soul-shattering kiss he and Amy shared will affect their working partnership. She’s a girl who’s going places, but Jack starts to wish that maybe he could tag along for the ride…

Her Rancher Rescuer by Donna Alward

This is the final book in the Cadence Creek series, which I am vaguely familiar with. However, I am not familiar enough to remember the main characters, so I had to go on what we learnt about them at the start of this book.

I like books where the heroine is thought to be a certain type of person, while underneath it all she’s a very different person indeed. In this case, Amy Wilson is someone everyone assumes to be flighty, a serial dater who is incapable of settling down. This attitude is deeply hurtful to her, but nobody much seems to realise it.

I have to admit I was totally on board with this – but then we were told Amy was twenty-four. It seemed pretty young to me to be depressed that all of her friends and acquaintances were settling down. Perhaps if she was thirty-four I might have had a bit more sympathy for her situation!

Even so, the book opens on a wedding, where Jack Shepard overhears a conversation about her, a conversation where she is deeply insulted by the man she has just helped to set up with the woman he likes. Her altruistic actions have backfired, leaving her hiding in the toilets, in tears.

Of course it’s our dashing hero who sees what happens and comes to her rescue. Before we know it, Amy has offered Jack her time, helping him out of a sticky situation with his business across the border in the United States.

Donna Alward is one of this Harlequin line’s better authors, with a very readable style of writing. I raced through this little book, and enjoyed it quite a lot. I also liked that once we stepped away from characters of past books in the series, this became a book newcomers to the series could easily get into.

Not a bad read.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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