The Fall of a Saint by Christine Merrill

The Fall of a Saint by Christine Merrill


Honourable—and handsome to boot!—Michael Poole, Duke of St. Aldric, has earned his nickname “The Saint.” But the ton would shudder if they knew the truth. Because, thrust into a world of debauchery, this saint has turned sinner! 

With the appearance of fallen governess Madeline Cranston—carrying his heir—St. Aldric looks for redemption through a marriage of convenience. But the intriguing Madeline is far from a dutiful duchess, and soon this saint is indulging in the most sinful of thoughts…while his new wife vows to make him pay for his past. 

The Sinner and the Saint 

Brothers separated at birth, brought together by scandal.

The Fall of a Saint by Christine Merrill

Firstly, is it just me, or does the man on the cover look just like Alexander Skarsgård?

Secondly, this is the second of two connected books, and I really, really loved the first one. This is an author with a lovely, engaging writing style, and I’ve been looking forward to this second instalment for ages. It wasn’t so much that this one disappointed me as it offended me.

Thirdly, you’re only going to enjoy this one if you can get past the fact the book opens on this situation:

The lead female character turns up on the man’s doorstep, pregnant. A couple of months earlier, he got drunk, barged into her room and raped her. Hence the pregnancy. Now she needs help, because she lost her job because of the rape.

Some people might be able to read past this premise. I’m too much of a feminist to forgive it. Yes, attempts are made to explain it away, but rape is rape, and that’s something we’ve been trying to get men to believe for centuries. No excuses.

I wasn’t thrilled that the first thing the woman thought when confronting her rapist was that he was very good-looking. Too much forgiveness for a rapist, right from the outset, for me to deal with! This was a character I loved in the other book, so I left this one feeling quite sad.

The Harlequin Historical line is really ‘out there’ at the moment. Rapists as romantic heroes. Male prostitutes as romantic heroes. Whatever in the world could be next?


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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