The Troubled Texan by Phyliss Miranda

The Troubled Texan by Phyliss Miranda

Small-town Texas isn’t big enough for the both of them… or is it just right?


Sheriff Donovan “Deuce” Cowan has seen his share of trouble, but when he nearly hauls in Maressa Clarkson for speeding, he’s suddenly in over his head. These days his long-lost high school classmate is calling herself Rainey Michaels and she sure hasn’t come to Kasota Springs by accident. It seems the Los Angeles Deputy DA has chosen the West Texas town to hide out from a dangerous convict. It’s all Deuce can do not to corral the sexy spitfire—in the name of keeping her safe, of course. Problem is, Rainey isn’t letting anyone in on her big secret, least of all a hard-bodied, former pro-footballer sheriff with an overactive protective instinct. So now she’s trying to keep him in line, one slow kiss at a time…

The Troubled Texan by Phyliss Miranda

I think a lot of people will enjoy this book, but right from the outset it hit a little too close to home for me and I couldn’t see the story for my own issues.

This is the book the blurb promises you. The small town Texas trope, the danger, the heroine who needs help but has nobody to turn to. It has the humour, the adventure, the strong feel of the setting. Basically, it has everything you’re going to want from small town Texas, if that’s your thing.

Here’s the thing, though. Last year I reported a police officer and there were a few months of stress and dealing with other officers and all kinds of things. As a result I honestly don’t have much good to say about the police in general, and tend to be selective in books they feature in. I thought I’d be okay with this one, but the opening few scenes reminded me too much of the stupid bastard I dealt with, and I didn’t think anything about it was funny.

Rather, Deuce came off as unprofessional, abusing his position of power.

So, as I said, I’m sure most people will really like this story. It has all the ingredients of something I’d usually like. But it wasn’t possible for me to deal with a book that brought up so many bad memories.

Here’s one reader who can’t see anything sexy about a cop!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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