The Week: 24th February – 2nd March

Parliament House Canberra Australia 20th February 2014 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney

Parliament House in Canberra

Well, there goes summer. 😦 On a happier note, the weather tends to be wonderful in Canberra in autumn, and we have all those colourful leaves to make things look pretty. 🙂

On a less-happy note, Vladimir Putin did what we all knew he’d do: played nice during the Olympics, and then went straight back to ruining the world. There’re Russian troops taking over Ukraine’s territory of Crimea – why?!?!


On another less-happy but nowhere near as serious note: the M key on my computer barely works. Try typing all day and having that issue!

This week I read a really greatest historical story by Theresa Romain (to be released in May) and made an attempt to get back into paranormal and urban fantasy books. It’s a bit of a mixed bag so far (though Patricia Briggs is a genius) – while there’re some good books, I don’t think it’s going back to my #1 genre any time soon.

So – my reviews this week:

My review of Sinfully Yours by Cara Elliott

Sinfully Yours by Cara Elliott

My review of The Chance by Robyn Carr

The Chance by Robyn Carr

My review of A Man to Hold on To by Marilyn Pappano

A Man to Hold on To by Marilyn Pappano

My review of Going Twice by Sharon Sala

Going Twice by Sharon Sala

My review of The Troubled Texan by Phyliss Miranda

The Troubled Texan by Phyliss Miranda

My review of Remembering That Night by Stephanie Doyle

Remembering That Night by Stephanie Doyle

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