The Returning Hero by Soraya Lane

The Returning Hero by Soraya Lane

You can’t help who you fall for…

Six months after her husband’s death, Jamie knows she has to start living again. And when fellow soldier Brett Palmer turns up, Jamie knows it’s fate. Brett is the only other person who can make her feel alive again.

Brett swore he would protect Jamie, but being so close to her is driving him insane. So Brett does everything he can to fight their connection. Until the words slip out—he’s always loved her. With a second chance staring them both in the face, there is no going back…

The Returning Hero by Soraya Lane

This is one of those typical in love with his best friend’s wife stories, and if that trope is something you enjoy, The Returning Hero will be right up your alley.

This is a well-researched book with a very strong focus on dogs and their work in the military. I’m not a huge animal person (no pets in this house), and I’ve never had a dog, but even I could appreciate that aspect of the story.

The word count in this category line means that the action has to move along pretty fast, which is why I think it was a good idea to have two main characters who already had a strong connection. You can get past the awkward “getting to know you” part and move straight onto the conflict.

There were a lot of good, likeable characters in this book, and I really enjoyed the way the plot moved along.

The Returning Hero is a quick read that does everything you’d want it to do.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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