Where It May Lead by Janice Kay Johnson

Where It May Lead by Janice Kay Johnson

A revelation that could ruin everything!

Instant attraction is the stuff of books and movies. Or so Alumni Relations Director Madison Laclaire believes…until she meets Detective John “Troy” Troyer. From closing down the restaurant on their first date to sharing steamy looks in meetings, Madison is completely into Troy. Even better, the feelings are mutual. Once this alumni weekend is over, they can pursue the plans they have for each other.

But those plans get sidelined when the college opens a decades-old time capsule. Inside, a student confesses knowledge about the campus’s only murder—an unsolved murder. Worse, Troy’s investigation points to Madison’s father as a suspect. Suddenly her loyalties are split. And making the wrong choice could cost her a future with Troy…

Where It May Lead by Janice Kay Johnson

I really hate how so many books describe the heroines as being so much shorter than the hero – only to have the cover designers use extremely tall models!

When I read the very excellent From This Day On last year, I didn’t realise there was a book that came before it that was connected. There’s actually no way you’d know – other than the fact the trigger for both books’ plots is the opening of a time capsule (and the fact the hero and heroine of the next book are in this one for a couple of sentences).

Both a really good books that have a strong mystery theme. Where It May Lead is as much about a cold case – a murder – as it is about the relationship. I liked it. I also like that the conflict in the relationship is a direct result of the time capsule revelation. Why is that? Because what hero, Troy’s father leaves in the time capsule is evidence implicating heroine, Madison’s father in the murder.

It’s really, really rare that an author can pull off a love at first sight sort of storyline. In this one it might not be actual love at first sight, but it’s something very close to it – and it’s believable.

I really just liked this book. However, that’s hardly a surprise, as I’ve never read a bad book by Janice Kay Johnson. She’s amazingly good, and recently has demonstrated a real talent for writing crime/mystery sort of stories. As ever, the packaging of Harlequin books wouldn’t immediately make you think that, but there’s a lot more to her stories than you’d expect.

One thing that made me wonder in this one is how many details so many people remembered from thirty-five years ago. Maybe people do remember that much when it is such a significant event as a murder on a university campus, but I’m not so sure. For example, about thirteen years ago I was questioned by police in relation to an attempted murder (which I was clearly a witness to, not the person doing it!), and just over a decade later I couldn’t give you the kinds of details these people were giving…

However, I liked this book so much. The romance genre has been a little stale recently, with lots of Navy SEALs and more sex than anybody could ever want to read. I’m loving that I still have favourite authors I can count on to deliver a strong plot, books that are smart to boot.

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