The Empty Nest by Fiona Palmer

The Empty Nest by Fiona Palmer

A moving story from bestselling rural romance author of The Outback Heart, Fiona Palmer.

Mothers’ Day has always been a special day for Sandi, because her beloved kids spoil her rotten. But this year won’t be the same. Her daughter, Gracie, has joined her brother Jack at boarding school and Sandi dreads waking up to a quiet house. Even her husband, Paul, seems distant and preoccupied with farm work. So she never could have guessed what the day has in store…

The Empty Nest includes an exclusive preview from Fiona Palmer’s forthcoming new novel, The Sunnyvale Girls!

The Empty Nest by Fiona Palmer

This is a Very Short story. Shockingly so: twelve pages on my computer and it was over before I knew it, and then more than 50% of the “book’s” content is promotion for the author’s other books. I’d probably be annoyed if I’d paid $1.99 for it as customers have to.

That’s not to say it isn’t written well – Fiona Palmer is a pretty well-known author of Australian rural fiction.

I know there’re a lot of people who can’t get enough of this genre. The big, open, isolated spaces of rural fiction appeal to a lot of Australians, particularly as most of us live in urban areas.

I can’t fault the writing. Palmer is getting steadily better as an author. I’ve read her first book and most of what she’s written since, and you can definitely see her improvement as an author.

There really isn’t a lot else to say, as there really wasn’t much of a story here!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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