When I Met My Duchess by Caroline Linden

When I Met My Duchess by Caroline Linden

As society gathers at Kingstag Castle for the wedding of the year, matrimony is in the air…

Gareth Cavendish, Duke of Wessex, believes he’s chosen the perfect bride… until he meets her sister and lightning strikes—literally! Now he’s the only member of society dreading the wedding of the season. Or is he? Cleo Barrows can’t fathom why her knees weaken every time the handsome duke approaches, or why her sister isn’t in the clouds at the prospect of marrying him. But the more the wedding plans throw Cleo and Gareth intimately together, the faster time is running out to turn the celebration of the summer into the scandal of the year…

When I Met My Duchess by Caroline Linden

He saw Cleo Barrows first, sending his heart leaping. She was speaking to another lady… whom he recognised a moment later as his betrothed bride. Not a promising beginning.

I went on a crazy reading spree of historical romance author Caroline Linden’s backlist. It wasn’t the best idea for two reasons, but her writing is so great I couldn’t help myself. The first problem is that you run out of books, fast. The second problem is that you start to see some similarities between the stories.

However, Linden is too good an author for these similarities to be a big problem. They didn’t detract from my enjoyment when reading. Even so, they were there. For example, three books in a row featured childless widows who always wore blue (not that I’ll complain about the blue – it’s my favourite colour!).

When I Met My Duchess might have a slightly silly title, but it was a wonderful story. I always worry about books where there’s a triangle (I wouldn’t call it a “love triangle”, as there’d have to be love involved for all three parties for that to be the case), particularly as the two women involved are sisters. I needn’t have worried, as I felt that everyone ended up as happy as they could be with the outcome of the situation.

I say it over and over again, but my favourite thing about Linden’s books is that she “gets” the society of the time, and characters face up against the very real obstacles in their lives that we don’t have to face today. That’s the whole point of historical romance, and I’d be ten times the fan of the genre I am now if more authors remembered that.

This novella was an excellent read.

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