Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

Just how far will Lady Charlotte go to win his heart?

Lady Charlotte Collins returns to England as a poor widow. She’s eager to take her place in the ton, but is quickly shunned by all. There is only one way to redeem her good standing: find a groom with wealth, a title, and good looks. Alasdair McGregor posseses all these fine attributes, but he cruelly refuses to be the answer to Charlotte’s problems. So what is she to do but take extreme measures? She’ll make him fall in love with her by any means necessary, even a gun. Can this determined lady capture his heart, or will she misfire?

Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

Katie MacAlister is an author I’ve been meaning to try for a while now, and when this one popped up in my list of review books, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s something I didn’t know in advance: this is a rerelease of a book from eleven years ago. So many people have probably already read it! I must say that even though the guy on the front looks a bit sleazy, this cover is much more appropriate representation of the screwball comedy that this book is than the sedate Regency-style cover from before. A big improvement.

Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister old cover

For some reason (don’t shoot me!) at times this book’s heroine reminded me of Jane Austen’s Emma, particularly the Emma from the 2009 miniseries. A little too sure of herself even when she’s making a disaster of things. However, the comparisons between the stories end there.

I’m trying and trying and trying to get myself excited about light-hearted Regency romances. Wallpaper historicals, if you will. However, I do struggle quite a lot. First and foremost is that this style of book is less strict with the historical accuracy, and characters have a tendency to speak like modern Americans. These aren’t issues for many readers (especially as many won’t even realise the characters are spouting US terminology left, right and centre), but they tend to distract me quite a lot, even when I try to stop them!

What this book has going for it (and the authors has going for her in general) is that she can really write. Her scenes are so lively and entertaining. I read this faster than I read many a serious book just because it was so readable.

Some people adore this author’s humour; of course not everyone will. For example, the heroine is corrected by other characters once a page (sometimes twice a page) because she keeps using the wrong words. It’s all going to come down to your sense of humour, and this will probably be something of a cultural thing, too.

If you like your historical romances more on the goofy than the serious side, I think this book would be a good match for you. Try a sample and see how you go, because the opening scene is an energetic introduction to the kind of book to expect.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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