Cover Wars

I’ve had so many debates about book cover differences from country to country. I don’t go for Torso Guy covers.  All too often it makes the books look cheap and nasty – and it’s downright embarrassing, to be honest.

But because pretty much every book written by a woman and published in America gets Torso Guy slapped onto it, I always seem to lose arguments with most readers over other designs versus, well, abs.

I think I can win the argument with this one, though.

I read Star Attraction before its Australian release some time ago. With this cover:

 Star Attraction Vanessa Stubbs Original Australian Cover

When I was looking through NetGalley for review books recently, I came across this God-awful thing and thought to myself, Ugh. No way! I went ahead and read the blurb anyway, and thought it sounded familiar. But I’d never have thought that the humorous, quirky, chick lit/romance I read earlier could possibly ever be punished with THAT for its international release.

Star Attraction Vanessa Stubbs

Would readers seriously pick up 80s-Hypercolor abs over the much classier original cover? I guess the publisher thinks so.

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