Written in my Heart by Caroline Linden


For three years Jane Barton has written a letter every week to Sgt Ethan Campbell, her dearest childhood friend…and the man she’s secretly loved for ages. For three years, Ethan has relied on Jane’s letters to keep him sane through the war. But now the war is over, and he’s desperate to discover if the girl he left behind is really the woman he can’t live without…

Written in my Heart by Caroline Linden

First thing you need to know: this is a Regency novella. I’ve seen some poor ratings based solely on the length, which doesn’t seem fair as it’s marketed as what it is.

I picked up Written in my Heart for 99 cents because it was the only historical romance in my recommendations that didn’t have Duke in the title (the sooner that fad dies, the happier I’ll be). I suppose novellas are the only place for non-dukes these days!

The characters in this extremely well-written story are quite a few notches down from the glittering ballrooms of London, and they feel more real because of it. A young soldier who has been off at war for three years and the young seamstress who has been writing to him all that time.

It’s a very quick read but I really liked it. It’s no real surprise, as the last novella I read by this author won a RITA Award.

I have one complaint: “Walked a short ways is grammatically incorrect in any version of English, American or otherwise. I wish an editor had picked up on that.

This is a sweet little story that’s worth your time.

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