Never Surrender by Lindsay McKenna

 Never Surrender by Lindsay McKenna

From Shadow Warrior…to hostage

Despite her sweet nature, Navy medic Bay Thorn’s will is unbreakable. It has earned her not only the respect of her team, but also the love of Navy SEAL Gabe Griffin. And as soon as she wraps up the final six months of Operation Shadow Warriors in Afghanistan, she’ll have her happily ever after…

Until her deployment goes horribly wrong.

Bay’s medical expertise is needed by the Taliban, and she is taken hostage. Her captor is ruthless and cruel, and Bay isn’t exempt from his evil intents. All that’s left now is her resolve and the too-distant memory of Gabe—her last and only hope for rescue. And to pull Bay from hell, this SEAL will have to break every rule in the book. But will Gabe find the woman he loves… or a woman broken beyond recognition?

Never Surrender by Lindsay McKenna

While I was reading this one I kept thinking that fans of Maya Banks’ writing will love this one. Much like her KGI series, though this book is packaged as romantic suspense there’s a much heavier focus on home and healing and family.

Never Surrender is basically divided up into three sections. The lovey dovey stuff in the first quarter, the horrible attack on the heroine in the second, and then the second half is all about family stuff and love stuff and the marriage and babylogue. I wouldn’t call this a suspense book.

This couple, Gabe and Bay, they’re a very mushy pair! In fact, all the Special Forces men involved in this book (and I’m guessing quite a few of them were the stars of earlier books in the series) are happily married. In real life, few Navy SEALs manage to keep a healthy marriage going, so just buy into the fantasy!

This author clearly knows her military stuff. There’s a lot of detail that can only come from experience (or the kind of exhaustive research conducted by Kaylea Cross). However, would a SEAL really be rushed overseas to personally rescue his fiancée from the Taliban?

I’m going to say this outright, because I think some readers would like to know in advance: Bay is not just badly hurt, but also raped in this book. The actual rape is not covered in detail, but the aftermath is. This is not your usual sweetened, prettied-up military romance.

A couple of things I didn’t love: Gabe’s grammar! Crazy thing to mention, maybe, but the way that guy spoke was shocking!

My other issue was that sometimes there was too much detail. For example, when Bay finally goes home from the hospital, the first page includes all of these sentences:

Glad he was wearing a black t-shirt, olive green cargo pants and boots.

Bay looked down at herself. She’d chosen a dark orange tee, jeans and some comfortable sandals to wear.

Poppy was just as tall as her daughter. She wore a short-sleeved simple white blouse, a dark blue skirt that fell to her ankles. He saw that she was barefoot.

I sure hope that’s not the kind of thing people would care about in such an emotional, difficult situation!

I also wasn’t so sure about Gabe’s precognitive dreams about Bay. It’s becoming really common, but I’m not a fan of surprise supernatural elements in military romances.

Never Surrender was a bit old-fashioned, from love scenes with lines like “allowed himself to spill into her cauldron depths, fire racing through his body” to the **SPOILER**heroine who is pregnant with twins at the end**SPOILER**. This series seems to have quite a few fans, so I have no doubt I’m preaching to the converted by reviewing book six.

When I pick up a military-themed book I prefer more emphasis on the suspense, but if you’re a fan of old-school romance writing, you will like this more than I did.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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