Lone Wolf Standing by Carla Cassidy

Lone Wolf Standing by Carla Cassidy

New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy brings her riveting Men of Wolf Creek series to a thrilling climax

Maybe it’s just her imagination, but Sheri Marcoli’s convinced she’s being watched. With the disappearance of her aunt still unsolved, Detective Jimmy Carmani’s not taking any chances. But sticking close to the vulnerable beauty isn’t just a job. For the first time in his life, Jimmy’s discovering feelings he thought himself incapable of.

But the powerful attraction Sheri feels toward Jimmy is scaring her almost as much as her stalker. The swarthy, dark-eyed detective is nothing like the golden-haired prince she’s waited for all her life. But as Sheri struggles to resist her overpowering desire, an evil madman is closing in…on both of them.

Lone Wolf Standing by Carla Cassidy

This is the last book in a small town USA suspense series, and the first one I’ve read. I’ve read a thing or two by Carla Cassidy in the past, and she seems to specialise in writing books with enough suspense to qualify for the genre but at the same time keeping all the hallmarks of the Harlequin/Mills and Boon small town stories.

There’re clearly some major plotlines in this book that carry on from the earlier books, but I think I figured it out well enough. The suspense grows slowly, and if it was removed entirely this is a story that could very easily fit into the Romance line.

Our heroine, Sheri Marcoli, has a bit of a princess complex. She’s waiting for her blond, blue-eyed prince to turn up in town, sweep her off her feet, and provide her with the babies she longs for.

Our hero, Jimmy Carmani, has your classic romance hero foster care childhood, so he just knows he’s not the man for Sheri. But he’s a really nice guy and is good to her right from the outset.

Lone Wolf Standing is your classic Harlequin romantic suspense book. It does everything you’d want it to do. But if you’re smarter than me, you read the series in order.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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