The Week: 30th June – 6th July

Snow on the Brindabella Ranges Canberra Australia 30th June 2014 Sonya Heaney Christopher Heaney 1

Snow on the mountains around Canberra.

Not a lot to say this week. Some really annoying things happened, but that has nothing to do with my reading! But I’m still annoyed…

We had some crazy weather in Australia, and winter finally decided to arrive. We don’t get snow here, but you could see it on the Brindabella Ranges.

I tried a few different books this week, including a paranormal book that made both vampires and werewolves out to be something other than sparkly and sexy! I’m also discovering I really enjoy reading about the Georgian era.

Poor Russia – the authorities have lost the plot. This week, some of their crazy bans (like the lace underwear ban) came into effect. And look how a Russian gang decided to celebrate the 4th of July:


By burning down an eagle statue in Kyiv, Ukraine. Nice of them… Is there anybody they aren’t going to target? Propaganda definitely makes people deranged.

My review of Lone Star Heiress by Winnie Griggs

Lone Star Heiress by Winnie Griggs

My review of A Hero in the Making by Laurie Kingery

A Hero in the Making by Laurie Kingery

My review of Her Irresistible Protector by Michelle Douglas

Her Irresistible Protector by Michelle Douglas

My review of The Texan’s Cowgirl Bride by Trish Milburn

The Texan's Cowgirl Bride by Trish Milburn

My review of Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

My review of Lone Wolf Standing by Carla Cassidy

Lone Wolf Standing by Carla Cassidy

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