The Seduction of Sarah Marks by Kathleen Bittner Roth

The Seduction of Sarah Marks by Kathleen Bittner Roth

He may be her saviour… or what she needs most

England 1857

After a blow to her head, Sarah Marks awakens in a strange bed with a strange man and no memory of how she got there. Her handsome bedmate, Lord Eastleigh, tells her she’s suffering from amnesia and the best course of action is to travel home with him until she recovers her memory.

Lord Eastleigh has his own reasons for helping Sarah and keeping her close. Reasons he cannot tell her. As they struggle to restore her memory, their undeniable, inadvisable attraction grows—until Sarah finally remembers the one thing that could keep them apart forever.

The Seduction of Sarah Marks by Kathleen Bittner Roth

First (silly little) thing: Earl Grey is a proper noun. You spell Grey with the letter E. The spelling can’t be changed to make it more American – and also, as the book is set in England, why would that be done?! (Sorry, but it came towards the end of the book, and so it got stuck in my mind!)

Now for the actual review:

I get excited when I find historical romances set in the Victorian era. It’s a (long and fascinating) time period that is seriously underused compared to the (very short) Regency era in books in this genre.

The Seduction of Sarah Marks started off with an interesting opening scene. Our heroine wakes up with no memory of where she is, how she got there, or who the man beside her in the bed is. It paved the way for a more original storyline than many in the genre.

Now, it is also a completely unbelievable situation. Not just the old-school amnesia romance trope, but that it happened when she got a little bop on the head so insignificant it isn’t really mentioned at the time it happens, or even a few hours later.

It’s also completely unbelievable that not only our heroine is suffering from the condition, but also our hero, too. That’s just too much of a coincidence!

I did appreciate the innovative ideas, I love the setting and I also liked that the main character acted more like a woman of higher rank than most HR heroines (who are annoyingly anachronistic). She did have her Mary Sue moments (rescuing a disabled puppy!), but generally I didn’t mind her character.

However, dynamite wasn’t even invented (1867) until years after this book takes place (1857), so there’s no way the characters would be referring to it!

There was good and not so good in this book. Original ideas that make me think the author is going to get better as she grows as a writer. I’d like to have seen some more attention given to making the dialogue, grammar and terminology British, but overall this was a solid read.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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