Lost in Temptation by Lauren Royal

 Lost in Temptation (Sweet Temptations #1) by Lauren Royal

As the new Marquess of Cainewood, Griffin Chase is desperate to find husbands for his three headstrong sisters. He never thought he’d become a matchmaking mama, and his sisters aren’t at all sure they appreciate his interference. But with the help of a family heirloom recipe book, they discover that cooking up a little magic can be seductive…

Ever the perfect lady, Alexandra Chase has always done what was expected of her. But when Tristan Nesbitt, Lord Hawkridge—the man she’s loved since she was a girl returns from abroad, she suddenly has every intention of shirking her duty by not marrying the man her brother has picked for her. And she’s certain her wild impulse is right…until Tristan promptly informs her he’ll never take her for his wife.

When he last saw lovely Alexandra, Tristan was a common man with no hopes of ever wedding the daughter of a marquess. Seven years later, he possesses a prestigious title, but a horrid scandal has followed him back to England—one that virtually guarantees that Alexandra can never be his. Now he must fight his darkest desires and steer clear of the irresistible beauty who long ago captured his heart…or else risk ruining her flawless reputation.

Lost in Temptation (Sweet Temptations #1) by Lauren Royal

I found this one on my Kindle and suspect I picked it up for free at some point.

I liked Lost in Temptation – it’s one of few historical romances I’ve read recently that I didn’t get bored with and consider DNFing halfway through (though the amount of time spent introducing all the servants made it touch and go for a bit!). There were some implausible moments, some glaring anachronisms, but I kept on reading and enjoyed myself through to the end.

There were lots of great ideas in this book. There’s a good reason hero and heroine can’t be together, not something silly and contrived. There’re plenty of genuinely likeable characters. There’s a teeny bit of suspense.

Reading the author’s note, and also checking out her Pinterest boards, it’s clear she has put a lot of effort into the research. I also like that this series is about the descendants of the characters from another one of her series (which takes place in a significantly earlier time period).

As usual, the thing that annoyed me a little wasn’t ignoring the facts of the time, but rather the speech and behaviours that weren’t always especially English, or of the Regency.

Top of my list would be the fact the heroine wore a bonnet(?!) to a ball. A bonnet? The hero who was incredibly physically demonstrative with his wife in public was another thing that didn’t fit the time period. Other issues were the usual suspects – visit with instead of visit, off of instead of off, specialty instead of speciality.

I also made a little note on my Kindle when I got to the… wedding night. I really am tired of the 99% of HRs that go for the ‘little pinch of discomfort followed immediately by ecstasy’ scene. It’s unrealistic and also unnecessary. They’re going to spend the rest of their lives together; there’s no need for perfection from the outset!

Historical romance series are into “concepts” these days. Whether they’re about a group of heroines who are secretly authors, about spies, or – in this case – women who love baking, apparently you’re just not allowed to write about a group of regular ol’ people anymore. I’ve got to say, the amount of sweet baked stuff the hero ate throughout this book made me wonder how he wasn’t morbidly obese! He must have had a dozen cakes over the course of one dancing lesson!

I really can’t see rich and titled ladies hanging out in the kitchen with the staff all day, rolling dough…

I suppose what I think of this introduction to the Sweet Temptations series is that it has a lot of potential and it kept me entertained. Sometimes the execution was a little clunky (the Big Revelation scene at the end was a tad moustache-twirly), but I would definitely consider reading more from this author.

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