The Week 14th – 20th July

Australian Capital Territory flag at half-mast for Malaysia Airlines plane shot down by Russia. Canberra 19th July 2014 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney.

Canberra flag at half-mast on Saturday.

Russia. Stop it. Get out of Ukraine and stop this war. For any normal country, shooting down a plane of international civilians would have been the final straw. Instead, after bragging about how many Ukrainians they slaughtered (I happened to be online and watching it evolve), they realised they were in the wrong and have been coming up with some shocking, horrific lies to try and cover their tracks. Accusing Malaysia Airlines of flying a plane of corpses was about the lowest they could go. Never has it been clearer what a fool Vladimir Adolf Putin is.

Russia has a long history of shooting down civilian planes and claiming they shot down enemies (Korean Air flight 007, for example). That they’re still doing it in 2014 is almost unbelievable.

A little note: it was not YOUR airspace when you shot the plane down. It was UKRAINIAN airspace.

Canberra flew all the flags at half-mast over the weekend, and we took flowers to the Dutch and Malaysian embassies, as well as leaving a sign at the Russian embassy. No doubt it’s already gone, but with no apology forthcoming, the Russians need to at least stop listening to the propaganda. A Canberra woman was amongst those killed.

I’ve read some interesting books this week, but I had to put the military suspense story I was reading aside for a bit – I was reading about planes being shot down at the time I found out about the actual plane that was shot down. I picked up a good late-Georgian era story instead, which I’ll review soon. I have to review it soon, because the silly publisher didn’t distribute review copies until four days before they wanted a review!

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