The Week: 18th – 24th August

Kyiv Ukraine

This weekend marks Ukrainian Independence Day, and Russia has spent the lead-up invading, abducting and slaughtering. Amongst the images to come out this week were some from a fashion show in Moscow that featured a child model dressed as Ukraine, waving a gun around and then pretending to shoot herself in the head. Lovely.

Russian Moscow fashion show has child model as Ukraine shooting herself in the head. August 2014

And then we have bastards like this one:

23rd august 2014

Russia’s evil propaganda cancer is turning the people into nasty creatures.

I would be hugely surprised if some major killing (more than usual – which is already shockingly bad) didn’t happen before the weekend is over. Russia won’t like Ukrainians devoting a day to celebrating their independence.

I’ve read some great books this week, including the first two books in one of Pamela Clare’s historical series. I’d have read the third book, too, but for some reason it isn’t available on Kindle, so I have to wait for the paperback to arrive. I prefer paperbacks, but this one has the most embarrassing cover!

My review of The Gentleman Rogue by Margaret McPhee

The Gentleman Rogue by Margaret McPhee

My review of Maverick for Hire by Leanne Banks

Maverick for Hire by Leanne Banks

My review of Fiona’s Flame by Rachael Herron

Fiona's Flame by Rachael Herron

My review of The Homecoming by Robyn Carr

The Homecoming (Thunder Point #6) by Robyn Carr

My review of A Groom Worth Waiting For by Sophie Pembroke

A Groom Worth Waiting For by Sophie Pembroke

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