LOVE, DESIRE AND BETRAYAL – Margaret Lynette Sharp

LOVE, DESIRE AND BETRAYAL - Margaret Lynette Sharp

LOVE, DESIRE AND BETRAYAL – Margaret Lynette Sharp

This is a collection of Australian novellas about young love, distances, engagements and outside temptations.

MICHAELA BETRAYED This novella, featuring an Australian protagonist, doesn’t end up where you might expect. Shorter reads with romantic themes can be hard to tackle, as there’s not a lot of time to develop a relationship. In this particular case, the focus is more on the heroine of the story and her growth as a person, which really helps.

Following a young music student who travels on scholarship to London to study, a lot of readers will find something to identify with. She is an adult on one hand, and on the other only just starting to learn what she wants out of life. Dreams, plans and relationships that seemed sensible at nineteen might not seem that way with a bit of life experience.

THE STING OF LIFE Also focusing on young love and a very early engagement, this short story touches on the strain of distance on a relationship.

I have a cousin around the age of the female character in this one, and I have to admit that the idea of marriage at that age is pretty terrifying! However, I also know people who found their other half at that age and have no regrets.

AMELIA’S CALL Another novella that doesn’t end in the place you expect it to, this one features characters who marry at the start of the story.

Nobody in this one is anywhere near perfect, and there’s a lot of selfishness going around. It serves almost as a warning that you really should know someone pretty well before rushing into marriage!

LAUREN PLAYED is a pretty good representation of how easily teenagers can convince themselves they’re in love! It takes our lead character a while to learn that no, the world actually isn’t going to end when a less than honest older man messes with you and then takes off.


Review copy provided by the author.

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