Christmas Reads: One Frosty Night by Janice Kay Johnson

One Frosty Night by Janice Kay Johnson

Unexpected Christmas plans

Olivia Bowen would rather avoid this holiday season. Even her satisfaction at improving the family business doesn’t make up for the loss of her beloved father and the sudden tension with her mother. Olivia questions how much longer she can live in her hometown. And her decision is further complicated by Ben Hovik.

She should keep her distance—he broke her heart years ago. Yet his compassion and their still-sizzling attraction are seductive. Could she be falling for him again? When she spends Christmas with Ben and his teenage son, she wonders if this might be the first of many more…

One Frosty Night by Janice Kay Johnson

Janice Kay Johnson delivers “complete” stories. Her books have a solid, realistic romance, an excellent mystery, important and believable secondary characters, and they reveal their secrets slowly. I haven’t disliked anything I’ve read by her, and One Frosty Night was a really engaging read.

I love a bit of heartache in a story, and our hero here has amends to make when it comes to our heroine. A few years older than her, he dumped her for another girl when he went off into the big, wide world to study. She doesn’t see why she should be giving him a second chance now.

But there’s much more to the story than that. We start with a teenage girl found dead in the woods. Gradually it seems everyone in the town knows something, and everyone has a secret to hide. There’re tensions between mother and daughter and secrets between father and son. There’re a lot of things going on in this small town.

Yes, this book takes place at Christmastime, but I think the cover is a little silly compared to the depth of the story!

One thing I didn’t believe was that the heroine – who is the same age as me – would have been communicating via email through her adolescence. I didn’t even know what email was at the age she was apparently doing it, and we sure didn’t have the internet!

Recommended for people who like believable romances, small town mysteries, or who are tired of Christmas cheese and want something set in the season without the usual themes.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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