The Week: 29th December 2014 – 4th January 2015

New Year's Eve Sunset Tuggeranong canberra Australia 31st December 2014 Sonya Heaney

New Year’s Eve Sunset in Canberra

Everyone! Don’t rip down your Christmas decorations! Ukrainian (and Greek etc.) Christmas Eve isn’t until Tuesday! Once upon a time everyone used to leave them up, but these days you have to get the Easter eggs on the shelves by New Year.

Now that the dramas of December are over, I have to get back to putting some effort into this blog again. I’ve already got review books with mid-year release dates. It’s a bit scary…

It’s VERY hot in Canberra. My computer keeps overheating and then crashing. I think I need a new one.

Russian propagandists have come back in full force. I’m getting racial slurs and horrific comments under totally innocent things I post online (things completely unrelated to politics or war), just like I was this time last year.

But worse. Kremlin-approved articles about “Neo-Nazi” Ukrainians are appearing in the Western media again – just like a year ago when pro-human rights, pro-gay, anti-Russian protests started in the capital city. These so-called Neo-Nazis? They’re people my grandfather fought alongside (literally people he knew). These men, and my grandparents, were beaten and taken by Nazis and sent to labour camps. The man in the newspaper story yesterday is a man whose family died in Auschwitz, and they’re calling him a freaking Nazi!

Nobody gets to invade someone else’s country and then play the victim. Nobody.


Best of 2014

The Accidental Duchess by Madeline Hunter

My vote for Worst Cover of 2014

What a Lady Most Desires (Temberlay #3) by Lecia Cornwall

My review of Not Quite Darcy by Terri Meeker

 Not Quite Darcy by Terri Meeker

My review of Unlaced by the Outlaw by Michelle Willingham

 Unlaced by the Outlaw (Secrets in Silk Book 4) by Michelle Willingham


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