Why ‘only women’?

The Conquest of Lady Cassandra by Madeline Hunter

Recently – on another one of my blogs – a man had a go at me for listing some of my favourite authors, and the fact that those authors were female.

Now, this was a list of historical romance authors. I know of ONE man who writes historical romance, and his books are too old-fashioned for me to list as favourites. I read plenty of books by men, but as I primarily review romantic fiction and similar genres – what do you expect? Feelings are too girly for male authors, apparently!

But, oh the irony of a man having a go at women for reading books by women!

When we still live in a world where the author of Harry Potter had to be published under an androgynous name because “boys won’t read books written by women”. Where Nora Roberts publishes her crime books under a different name because men won’t read crime fiction written by women. When we live in a world where publishing has always featured women writing under men’s names.

I don’t really have any point to this post other than that the comment really annoyed me. And some men are total hypocrites.

I bet you a thousand dollars that if it had been a list of entirely male authors, he wouldn’t have even have noticed anything was “amiss”.


4 thoughts on “Why ‘only women’?

  1. I just can’t imagine my list of “Bests” in the HR genre having a male author in it. Every time I’ve read a male version of a romantic encounter, where he is telling the female’s feelings, it has been ridiculous. I’d love to be shown that I’m in error but I don’t expect that to happen. Even authors who write exemplary prose often fall short when portraying females in love and lust. Paulo Coelho in his novel ADULTERY, comes to mind; not exactly an HR but certainly an example.

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