The Week: 9th – 15th February

Russians have been shelling residential areas of Ukraine this week, in a region I have family in. The death toll continues to steadily rise.

11th February russian shelling in Ukraine - 2015

IMDB was pretty entertaining this week, with the opening of Fifty Shades of Grey:

 Fifty Shades of Grey IMDB rating 3.2 13th February 2015

That’s quite the funny rating!

The actor did himself no favours by repeatedly insulting the BDSM community while promoting the film (I read an interview where he said he needed a long shower before he’d touch his wife or baby after meeting people from the community!).

I have big problems with the ethics of the book’s publication history, and certainly won’t be seeing the movie. What does annoy me is that people use this book (and film) to insult romance writing. It’s not at all the same!

Here’s a good article explaining why the relationship in the book/movie is so bad.

“The blurred lines in this film mean any kind discussion about abuse can be easily shut down by those determined to be obtuse because they like the sexy blindfolds.
This was domestic abuse marketed as Valentine’s Day fun.”

My review of A Dress the Color of Dusk by Elizabeth Cole

A Dress the Color of Dusk (A Regency Rhapsody Novella) by Elizabeth Cole

My review of The Soldier’s Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye

The Soldier's Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye

Why ‘only women’?

The Conquest of Lady Cassandra by Madeline Hunter

A pretty book cover

Ballroom by Alice Simpson

And a strange one

Eight Men and a Lady by Elizabeth Sinclair


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