Dying to Score by Cindy Gerard

Dying to Score A Black Ops, Inc. Short Story by Cindy Gerard

Fans of Cindy Gerard’s New York Times and USA Today’s best-selling Black Ops, Inc. series are going to LOVE revisiting Johnny Duane Reed and Crystal “Tinkerbelle” Debrowski (book 3: Whisper No Lies) in this super fast, super suspenseful, super sexy short story.

Tink and Johnny D explode onto the pages of Dying To Score like dynamite. Pinned down and fighting for their lives in a tango infested Guatemalan jungle with no back-up, they are completely surrounded by the enemy. Johnny’s been hit and he’s fading fast –Tink knows it’s on her slim shoulders to get the man she loves of this mess alive – but is she up to it? And if she is, what will it cost her?

Dying to Score: A Black Ops, Inc. Short Story by Cindy Gerard

It’s no secret I LOVE Cindy Gerard’s writing. Her characters feel real and speak with believable voices. The men act like men really do and the women are a combination of strong and vulnerable I can relate to.

I am NOT up to date with the Black Ops series, so I wasn’t all that familiar with all the characters, but I thought this short story (and yes, it’s a short story) worked for me anyway. Action, adventure and an already established relationship.

Usually I’m not as fond of books in this genre where the heroines are superhero-types who can hold their own against Special Forces soldiers; this is one of only a handful of series where it works for me.

I wish more romantic suspense authors could write this way, because even in such a short thing, with people whose backstories I didn’t know everything about, I was hooked, and I was hugely entertained.

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