When you leave it too long…

Bela lugosi dracula 1931

I don’t think I really believed that your reading tastes were capable of MASSIVE changes, which is why I now have a problem.

A few years ago I had a few authors I was crazy about, and I went and bought paperbacks of every book they’d written. I read a lot of them, but then “saved” others for another time, a special day. Sort of like what people do with special clothes/homeware stuff/jewellery etc. (and I’m guilty of doing those, too!).

The problem is that now I’m not even sure I’m interested, and I wish I’d read them before my preferences changed!

One example of this is a very, VERY popular urban fantasy/paranormal romance author. I kept a few of her books I was looking forward to, but then life happened, a mountain of review books descended on me, and well… I picked up one of her books recently, tried to work up the motivation, and then replaced it in the dusty corner of my room it has been sitting in for years without even reading the first page.

I think some of this is that I’m pickier now. I’ve said a few times that now I have pretty much zero tolerance for things like misogyny, and UF/PNR are not genres known for treating their female characters kindly. I’m also a little bit over the faultless, invincible superhero, as well as the self-insert stories – you know the type, the kind of books where the heroine is either the author writing herself into her dream relationship, or the heroine is so bland you can easily imagine it’s you.

It’s frustrating, because I’m really trying to read some more paranormal-themed books, but I feel like I’ve left it too late for the books I was really excited about. And Patricia Briggs can only produce so many books to satisfy my paranormal cravings!

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to being someone who wants to read these particular books, either. It’s a frustrating discovery to make – I would have loved them in the past!

3 thoughts on “When you leave it too long…

  1. Actually, I think almost everyone’s reading tastes change over time. Part of it is that, if you read a lot, things begin to bother you that you didn’t notice before, like bad writing or bad editing. Other times you go through changes in the type of books you want to read. You may love paranormal now, but maybe in ten years you’ll be reading something entirely different. There are books that you will always love, and books you loved that you’ll return to 20 years later and think, why did I like this one? When I started my own blog, I was reading a lot of mysteries. Then I consciously decided I wanted to read more literary fiction. As I read more literary fiction, I have less patience for the genre fiction that isn’t as well written. Of course, some of it is well written, but I no longer want to read the stuff that isn’t. You may be pickier now because you are keeping in mind what you want to critique as you read, while before you were probably just reading for pleasure. I find that is true for me, too.

    1. This is true, and I need to remember it in the future and just read what I want at the time instead of saving them!
      I have a handful of books that I still love, but I know that going back and rereading some books I loved might not be the best idea.

      I know – hmm – Fifty Shades of Grey got a lot of people reading again. But after they started reading other books they realised they shouldn’t give the first book they read in years five stars when it didn’t measure up against anything else out there!

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