So, this book just came up for review, and I’m fuming…

Wild and Willful by Cayla Kluver

The author: Cayla Kluver

The blurb:

When Crimean Tartars kidnap Oksana, the spirited young Russian woman must fight for her freedom — and her heart.

I’m sorry, but did Vladimir Putin write this book?! This was a good idea for a book NOW, with what Russia is currently doing in Crimea?!

Firstly, Oksana is the quintessential Ukrainian name. It’s my mother’s name. It’s as Ukrainian – not Russian – as Giuseppe is Italian and Midori is Japanese. Nothing Russian about it.

Secondly, Crimea – despite what Russian propaganda wants you to believe – is in Ukraine, not Russia, as every single Tatar will tell you.

Thirdly, painting Crimean Tatars in a bad light? The Tatars, whose homeland is Crimea, have suffered horrifically each and every time Russia stole their territory. The ethnic cleansing during Stalin’s era was so bad that at one point there was not a single Tatar left in Crimea.

Now that Russia has once again invaded, Crimeans are being abducted, tortured and murdered. Many have fled their homeland to safer parts of Ukraine.

And now they’re the kidnappers in this book? Classy. And great timing there.

I’ve written articles about author irresponsibility and ignorance when writing, and this is a great big whopping offence. If you don’t know the first thing about Ukraine or Russia, then write about something different, for God’s sake.

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