Avery by Charlotte McConaghy

Avery (The Chronicles of Kaya #1) by Charlotte McConaghy

Avery is a sweeping, romantic fantasy novel about loss and identity, and finding the courage to love against all odds. Published as part of the Random Romance series.The people of Kaya die in pairs. When one lover dies, the other does too. So it has been for thousands of years – until Ava.For although her bondmate, Avery, has been murdered and Ava’s soul has been torn in two, she is the only one who has ever been strong enough to cling to life. Vowing revenge upon the barbarian queen of Pirenti, Ava’s plan is interrupted when she is captured by the deadly prince of her enemies.Prince Ambrose has been brought up to kill and hate. But when he takes charge of a strangely captivating Kayan prisoner and is forced to survive with her on a dangerous island, he must reconsider all he holds true . . .In a violent country like Pirenti, where emotion is scorned as a weakness, can he find the strength to fight for the person he loves . . . even when she’s his vengeful enemy?

Avery (The Chronicles of Kaya #1) by Charlotte McConaghy

I was surprised by this cover (which I actually do like) because it doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with the book. I suppose when you have a fantasy romance sort of book you expect something more obvious!

Avery is about fairly young characters, but it is also a pretty brutal and violent book, so maybe more New Adult than Young Adult. It creates a very different world that has very little resemblance to the human world. Most books in this genre that I read have ties to the human world. Maybe I’m getting lazy, but I do like something a bit normal in with all the fantasy. It helps me to connect with the characters and the story.

As I said, this is quite a violent book. Expect some ill-treatment of the (major) characters. It was a little surprising to me!

I don’t think I’m quite the audience for Avery, but I think other readers, particularly those big on fantasy books, will enjoy it.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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