The Dear Author Drama

Recently THE romance reviewer of all romance reviewers, Jane Litte, owner of Dear Author, was forced by a lawsuit to “come out” as also being New Adult author Jen Frederick.

Some people were happy for her.

Others were mad she’d used her site to promote her books, and her penname to infiltrate writer groups.

Dear Author isn’t my favourite place, so I don’t really care.

So, I’m just going to say this about the situation:

The main reason I stopped visiting the site was because it infuriated me how they kept reviewing supremely misogynistic (often New Adult) books without mentioning the misogyny. Even after a very public battle with Jamie McGuire, Jane didn’t seem to have a problem with McGuire’s book where literally every female character was referred to as a skank, a slut and a porn star.

This was especially annoying coming from a site obsessed with calling authors out for other issues, like race. And now it all makes sense. Because Jane is a contributor to that very anti-woman book genre. My years of being baffled by Dear Author’s odd lack of concern for sexism in romance now make sense.

Other people are concerned with the site losing integrity in other ways. I’m not invested enough to be upset about it.

But I confess that this particular issue makes me mad.

However – after typing and scheduling this, I’ve noticed:

Is it really a coincidence that Julie James – an author I love more than almost any other, but who has also been excessively promoted by Dear Author for years (alongside Courtney Milan) gives Jane’s first book a glowing review and admits this is the first time she’s read the New Adult genre – and she read it only days after it was released? Am I supposed to believe Jane Litte’s pet contemporary author accidentally “discovered” her book before ever reading anything else in the genre?? I’m not putting the blame on James; but I’d sure like to know why an author who doesn’t read NA suddenly found Jane’s in her collection! Was it sent to her for review?

Julie James Jane Litte Jen Frederick Review

Eh, just something I discovered after first writing this… Still don’t want to be caught up in the drama. But I found this accidentally, and found it odd enough to comment on. I’d better have a “full disclosure” post of my own soon!

However, I’ve been posting under my real name for years – scary as it is to do that.

I’ve also been published under my real name (not romance – so far – haven’t tried). I stand by my words.


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