Wagon Train Reunion by Linda Ford

 Wagon Train Reunion (Journey West) by Linda Ford

Second-Chance Courtship

Abigail Black had no choice but to break Ben Hewitt’s heart years ago. Her parents had picked another, wealthier groom. Now widowed and destitute, she’s desperate to leave her old life behind. The wagon-train journey to Oregon is full of dangers, but she’ll face anything—even Ben—for a fresh start.

Ben knows better than to trust Abby again. Between her family’s snobbery and his family’s protectiveness, avoiding her should be easy. Yet he’s still moved by Abby’s sweetness and beauty…along with a sadness and strength he never noticed in her before. Forgiving past wrongs would be a struggle—but the hardest struggle would be letting Abby go once more.

Journey West: Romance and adventure await three siblings on the Oregon Trail

Wagon Train Reunion (Journey West) by Linda Ford

I like the covers they do for this line!

Wagon Train Reunion is a Christian historical romance, with more emphasis on the Christian than most books Harlequin Love Inspired puts out. I didn’t mind particularly, as the religion tended to come in big lumps of Bible quotes, and I just skipped them.

I find the whole wagon train thing fascinating, because it’s not something you learn about if you didn’t go to school in America. It sounds absolutely horrible, and people must have been slightly crazy to make the journey!

I do like reunion romances. Of course this is a very tame one, but it is my favourite trope.

Wagon Train Reunion is an easy read, something that moves along at a steady pace and can be read in a few hours. The main characters were nice, decent people. I did want to slap them both at various stages of the book. Clearly our heroine had suffered physical and emotional abuse, and I think the hero took too long to figure her out. I also thought our heroine was too much of a martyr, and for too long.

My favourite thing about this type of book is that there’s always action and danger. Written under a different line, it would have been nice to see those scenes expanded on, however I do love that nobody knows what’s just around the corner.

I did think the mother was a bit over the top in her characterisation, but I also know that for the time period sons were very heavily favoured (in fact I have family members now who were raised with that mindset!).

One little thing I found odd was that the heroine was supposed to be pampered, so she didn’t know how to do things like cook. However, it made no sense for her to not know how to sew. Sewing was what proper ladies did most of the day and night!


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