Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura Landon

Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura Landon

It should have been the happiest night of her life…

Lady Olivia Sheridan knows one thing: she has loved Lord Damien forever. But when her beloved is accused of fathering another woman’s child, Olivia’s world is shattered in ways she never thought possible. Especially when Damien’s accuser sets a huge price on his head, and Olivia discovers Damien’s death will be the only outcome…unless she does the one thing he will never forgive her for doing.

When Olivia’s plan to save him goes disastrously, dangerously awry, Damien doesn’t think he’ll ever see the light of day again and, with bitterness, he realises that the woman he loves is capable of the ultimate betrayal.

Now, four years later, Damien has returned. His eye is on one thing: seeking revenge for what Olivia did to him. Only his heart may get in the way…

Because hell hath no fury…like a man betrayed.

Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura Landon

This was an action-filled Victorian era romance (though, frustratingly, the author didn’t bother to give an era or date and I had to work it out by the opera they went to see). It might verge on the overly dramatic, and the hero took a bit too long for my liking to come to his senses, but nobody could say it wasn’t an exciting read.

I like reunion romances, and this book begins with our couple not only madly in love but also engaged to be married. However this all falls apart when the hero, Damien, is falsely accused of fathering the baby of a woman who died trying to abort it, and is challenged to a duel. The heroine, Olivia, tries to save his life, and this results in him being sent off on a ship and her believing him to have been killed on the journey.

When Damien comes back from the dead it’s with revenge on his mind and to a whole lot of danger. Someone wants the family’s shipping company.

Now, I liked the angst and the dangerous situations, even though by the end I thought there were a few too many similar situations strung in a row. I could see both main characters’ point of view and I enjoyed the fact they didn’t just fall into bed with each other, though there were a few too many “punishment kisses”.

Yes, occasionally the language became too American, some of the names of the made-up titles verged on the silly, and there were some odd mix-ups with dates (the heroine’s age seemed to keep changing!). But overall I thought it was a solid read.

If you like some suspense in your historical romance, this wasn’t half bad.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.


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