Lori (The Circle of Friends #1) by L. Diane Wolfe

Lori (The Circle of Friends #1) by L. Diane Wolfe

Driven by Olympic dreams! To the outside world, Lori Anders has it all. The only child of affluent parents, she is a gifted swimmer with Olympic dreams. Armed with a winning attitude and genuine spirit, Lori appears destined for success. Yet despite her certainty in the pool, something inhibits Lori from achieving her full potential. Her focus on swimming has left little time for relationships. Lacking in confidence, Lori’s light has few opportunities to shine. When an altercation with the school bullies brings her to the attention of the star quarterback, Lori finds herself in a unique position. Jason’s affections renew her hope and force the shy swimmer out of her comfort zone. But, will it be enough to achieve her lifelong dream? Described as “encouragement personified”, Wolfe’s five-book Southern-based series portrays love and friendship overcoming all obstacles.

Lori (The Circle of Friends #1) by L. Diane Wolfe

I don’t know what it is about this book. It’s awful for so many reasons, but I sort of enjoyed all the melodrama. But… yeah. It’s sexist and unrealistic and pretty much everything about it is offensive or just plain wrong.

One thing that can be said for it is that as far as the New Adult genre goes, it’s a totally different kettle of fish. I reckon that if you put a gang of ninety-five year old evangelical Christian men in a room and asked them to write an instructional guide for how today’s teens should behave, you’ll get something close to this.

Fortunately, she put a rein on her tongue and kept her opinionated comments to a minimum. The group already boasted a boisterous Heather and did not need another outspoken young lady.

There is very little structure to Lori. There’s no real beginning, middle or end. The story meanders through a number of years of shy Mary Sue beauty, schoolgirl Lori, and Gary Stu popular quarterback, Jason, and their perfect romance, teen marriage (because they had to get married before they could have sex!), spectacular university studies and eventual Olympic glory.

Lori is astonishingly small, delicate and lacking in appetite for an Olympic swimmer. I can’t help but think the author would have been better off making her a figure skater or a gymnast if she wanted to do the pretty little girl thing!

Along the way our Mary Sue is assaulted multiple times so she can be rescued by her hero:

“What do you want?”

“A hero.”

“A hero?”

“Yes, a hero. Someone who will be there for me, take care of me.”

Both teens are stunningly well-off, driving BMWs, living not on campus but in multi-storey houses, and buying each other presents like diamond jewellery for Christmas. While they’re smart and don’t have sex before marriage, the friend who does of course ends up pregnant and kicked out of home.

And the sex scenes – such as they are (more or less fade to black) are a little awkward to read. The wedding night, for example:

Easing her onto the bed, he expressed his desire to enjoy her physically.


Lori’s true joy came from the knowledge that she would only share this moment with Jason.

Oh, Lori, you good little virgin!

If you can make it through the years of utter perfection of both characters and their relationship, you might enjoy the drama (I can’t believe I did!). Just as long as you can suspend your disbelief and be on board with the school jock declaring things like:

“I think we’ll be the sharpest dressed couple!” he proclaimed confidently.

Definitely a book that could have done with a better editor. And a hefty dose of feminism!


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